Building the Internet of Things
Learn - Build - Connect


We at are working to build the Internet of Things (IoT) by developing intuitive and portable software for collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data from connected devices.

At the core of our platform is the WCC (dub-see-see) data structure, a simple and extensible way of representing IoT devices.

Though we are still in the very early stages of development, we have released Wallflower.Pico, an open-source Python server that enables users to send and retrieve data from a database.

Whether you're a student looking to learn IoT development or a professional wanting to prototype an idea, Wallflower.Pico makes it quick and easy to setup a network of devices.


Contribute is still in the early stages of development, so if you find a bug or have suggestions, please let us know on GitHub.

The Wallflower.Pico and Wallflower.Nano servers are open-source (AGPL v3) and we encourage users to modify the code and make it their own.